Most historic buildings were not originally designed to accommodate people with disabilities. Providing access (interior and exterior) for persons with disabilities in ways that preserve the character of the historic property is a challenge that requires creativity and collaboration. Although we still have much work to do to be fully accessible, we do offer the following and welcome you to the museum.

Our site currently consists of:

  • Parking is available either on the street or at the Queens County Museum next door. There are designated accessible parking spaces.
  • The path from the street is flagstone which can be uneven.
  • The path from the Queens County Museum is partially concrete and partially flagstone.
  • There is a ramp at the side of the house that provides access to an entry-area, but interior hallways and doorframes are quite narrow and will not likely accommodate a wheelchair.
  • The upper level is only accessible via steep and narrow wooden staircases. Digital pictures of these areas are available, and staff are on hand to share stories and answer questions.
  • Seating is available both inside and on the property.
  • No on-site washroom. Washrooms in Queens County Museum not marked gender-neutral but visitors invited to use both.
  • Perkins House Museum is proud to be an Aira Access Partner.

We will update this page as we make improvements.