For Teachers

Perkins House Museum is open June 1 to October 15. Any school or community groups interested in booking a visit can call (902) 354-4058 to arrange a date and time.

Perkins House Museum
Open June 1–October 15
Monday–Saturday, 9:30am – 5:30pm
Sunday, 1 – 5:30pm
Tel: 902 354 4058

Contact: Linda Rafuse, Director or Kathleen Stitt, Administrative Assistant, to book a visit or request a program guide.


Silly Sarah Spins a Tale
Grades K-1 (1 hour)
Hear our "sheepish" puppet tell the story about the Perkins House kids. This story will include a tour of the Perkins House. After the story the students will make a wooly craft.

Early Medicine
Grades 1-6 (1.5 hours)
See actual medical instruments from the 1700's and hear how they were used by Perkins Family Physician, Dr. Falt. Using student volunteers, we'll compare and contrast older Medieval medical treatments to Dr. Falt's treatments and to today's treatments.